Made to Measure

If someone asks "Are you able to imagine being able to look a couple inches taller, get rid of that buldging mid-section, and give yourself that 'V' shoulders look?" Perplexed?
A "Well Fitting Suit" is the answer!

The Art of Correct Measurements, to allow comfortable space for movement while performing the subtle act of giving your body the shape and stature that is pleasing to the eye, is a skill that only comes to the most experienced of tailors. Allen Khoo has improved on the traditional measurement styles (depicted below) to come up with his own 'secret recipe' for comfortable, good fit designs that gives you the fine executive touch up.


1. Full Shoulder
Measure back the width of both shoulders.

2. Sleeves
Measure length of sleeves.

3. Chest
Measure around Chest

4. Stomach
Measure around Stomach

5. Length
Measure from lower collar seam to 2~3 inches below the waist.

6. Front
Measure from one armhole to other armhole in front.

7. Back
Measure from one armhole to other armhole at Back

8. Neck
Measure around Neck.

9. Waist
Measure around Waist

10. Hips
Measure around Hips

11. Elbow
Measure around Elbow

12. Wrist
Measure around Wrist


Measure from belly button, under legs to the back, keeping same height.

2. Length
Measure length from waist to desired length.

3. Cuff
Measure around Cuff.

4. Thigh
Measure around Thigh