Fashion Menswear

Fashion Accessories
We provide all the accessories to put you in a class of your own. From our cufflinks to neckties sets, we select the best accessories to go with our suits. For an additional touch, we can even handsew your name or wording of your choosing into your neckties to give that extra feeling of customization.

Fashion Tips
Instead of just providing a tailoring service, Allen goes one step further as he believes in communicating with his clients how to fit and dress well in all occasions. We will be sharing Allen Khoo's fashion tips to give you an idea how to recognize or select your clothing to dress well.

  1. The suit should look aligned and symmetrical. Look out for uneven lengths or uncentered seams. Pocket and buttons on both sides should be of the same height. Spot for uneven shoulder heights.
  2. Make sure the suit is not too tight or loose. No part should feel tight as you move, sit or stand.
  3. Raise your hands and the sleeve should still be of the same length. Good tailoring ensures that sufficient space is given so that the material doesnt need to stretch.
  4. Look to the back and make sure the suit's collar rests on your neck and not seem to be pulling away.
  5. The waist is the central position. The last button of a suit should always be below the waist and all pockets must be aligned accordingly.
  6. Check that the lapels are of high quality so that the suit holds its shape and project a distinct view of your shoulders and chest area.
  7. If the suit has running pinstripes, make sure the patterns do not appear in perpendicular alignment. The pinstripes should look smooth and pleasing.

Dressing for Different People..
  1. Short people need to avoid baggy shirts which will make them look even shorter.
  2. Choose tight fitting (especially around the armpits) to add height.
  3. Keep sleeves short and neat.
  4. Vertical stripes can help add to the illusion of height. But the best is to stick to solid colors.
  5. Choose neckties that are thinner and not too wide.

  1. Choose horizontal well spaced lines and wide spaced collars to show more width.
  2. Neckties can be wide to make you look more well proportioned.
  3. Baggy shirts are ok since you have the height to carry it off. Avoid wearing tight looking shirts.

Broad or Rotund
  1. Avoid wearing tight clothes that will reveal all the lumps we dont want attention on.
  2. Keep focus on your chest-up as to divert attention away from the mid section.
  3. Choose tops that give you a look of square shoulders.
  4. Thicker Stripes are needed to balance the thicker frame.
  5. Choose vertical thin lines to create continuity and elongate your body.
  6. Experiment with dark colors. It might hide that mid-section
  7. Invest in pants that rest on your hips and make sure your belly does not protrude.
  8. Try not to have too many pleats as it makes your pelvic look larger.

Thin and Skinny

  1. Choose smaller pockets and shoulder padding to keep the impression that your suit is not too big.
  2. Thin Stripes are the way to go.
  3. Avoid too tight fitting clothes and choose shirts that are more baggy to conceal your thin ribcage region.
  4. Keep jackets at the right length to not emphasize on skinny waist, arms and legs.

What is your body shape?

The Ideal Case for guys today would be the the Trapezium. How about those who fall into the Triangle or Oval category? You need to give an impression of broad shoulders and take away the focus from that mid-section. The Inverted Triangle? Skinny legs with too broad shoulders? When someone looks at you, you must seem well balanced. Some ideas are:
  1. The Inverted Triangle :  Wider pants, light colored trousers with designs...feeling adventurous? Untuck your shirt to give a more rectangle look.
  2. Triangle or Oval :  Layering at your upper torso to give it shape. Wider pockets on the top will draw attention. Be very cautious on tight fits. Try lower hip level pants to give out a more elongated lower section.
  3. Rectangle : More paddings on the shoulders. Get shirts with designs on the shoulders to give a broader appearance. Check out tapered good fitting pants.
These guides are by no means hard and fast rules. Its about putting focus on weak areas and diverting focus on strong areas to achieve a more balanced look. Be creative and have fun!